I’ve nicked the stat idea off a fellow cyclist (yes you know who you are) but as it’s a good idea then why not. The list is my own. I will be updating it on a regular basis and adding to it as well .

  1. How far so far. 1,803 km 1150 miles
  2. How many days -30 days
  3. Number of times slept in tent.- 26
  4. Number of nights wild camping-1
  5. Nights as a guest of cyclists 1-
  6. Nights as a guest of Warmshowers- 3 pending
  7. Nights as guest of Couchsurfing-
  8. Most rest days in a row=1
  9. Most days without a rest =7-
  10. Number of punctures= 0
  11. Number of times fell off- 1
  12. Number of times,I’ve thought its time to head home=1
  13. Number of times Ive been unlucky !!- 2
  14. Number of times Ive been lucky (no not in that way) =3 meeting Tony and Toos -Anton Jenny, Lottyand Henk
  15. Number of times someone has told me to F #off-2 I think !
  16. Number of times Ive told someone to F#off=1
  17. Best palce so far- Warendorf Germany
  18. Worst place so far-
  19. Longest day-185 KM
  20. Shortest day-55 KM
  21. Hottest daY =TODAY 29.06.12 27 ‘
  22. Coldest day-11′
  23. Worst day!-08.06 12 -WINDY RAINED ALL DAY , TIRED.
  24. Best laugh so far- Tank comming round the corner!!/span>;

Still Happy= yes


4 thoughts on “Stats

  1. “Sweet” Alex,

    We read your blog and your adventure with the RATS. Today we waked up and we see rain,rain, rain. and we going tp sleep again. 12.00 hour we waked up for the second time.
    we make breakfast in the tent. It was to cold en to much rain and we go to the trainstation and we going home to Tony in Vorden. So we finished our trip.
    Pascal (duck dive Pavel) was not o.k. His cheese was good to eat.
    We wish you a very nice trip without RATS!!!!
    Take care of Roger Ted!
    I (Tony) see you later in Vorden.

    Toos en Tony (ToTo) e.mail Tony Toos

  2. I also feel a great respect for you, Alex. I enjoy reading your blog. It is an experience hard times, but it makes you stronger. Very strong. I wish I could take a trip like yours, an experience like yours. But I think, maybe it’s too late (I am 54 years old). Courage and great force. (Sorry for my bad English, is a direct translation from Google). Thank you. –

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