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13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good luck on your travels. I found your blog while browsing through Google for the Saale River cycle path. I’m hoping to go on this either this Autumn or next year. I’m just a very unfit recreational cyclist age 67, but I’ll be interested to see how you get on when you reach the Saale. I have a special interest in this part of Germany as my Dad was born & bred in Naumburg on the Saale, but got thrown out by the nasty Nazis in the late 30’s.

  2. ToTo on June 4, 2012 at 9:03 pm said:
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    We read your blog and your adventure with the RATS. Today we waked up and we see rain,rain, rain. and we going tp sleep again. 12.00 hour we waked up for the second time.
    we make breakfast in the tent. It was to cold en to much rain and we go to the trainstation and we going home to Tony in Vorden. So we finished our trip.
    Pascal (duck dive Pavel) was not o.k. His cheese was good to eat.
    We wish you a very nice trip without RATS!!!!
    Take care of Roger Ted!
    I (Tony) see you later in Vorden.

    Toos en Tony (ToTo) e.mail Tony Toos

  3. Hi. Some feed back for your blogs. Love reading them, I was in Holland this time last year touring but only for a week mind. Went to Arnhem, great place I loved it over there. So your bringing back some great memories with your blogs and very interesting as well. Watch out for any more rats and enjoy your adventure.


  4. Dear Alex,
    When you are going to Berlin end you are cycling behind Vorden you are welkom for the second time. May be, i can more time stay with you . I can give you the information of the places were you can sleep, they had showed you on the pictures.
    Regards Tony

  5. Glad to see that there are some adventurers still left in this world. Don Morrison (your uncle?) told me about your trip this morning and so I’ve had a quick browse through your journey so far and will come back for a closer look when I’ve returned from a walking holiday in Germany. My wife and I spent three weeks with our tandem in Holland a few years ago and particularly enjoyed the area around Oudewater.
    The cyclist is really king in Holland isn’t he? You have priority on roads and the cycling network is fantastic. They can teach us a lot.
    Hope the weather improves for you. Best wishes, Rog.

  6. Hi Geordie
    absolutely brillaint blog.
    Haven’t had time to read it all, but was wondering what front rack you are using as you seem to have a set of suspension front shocks on a Giant, and I have been looking for a set for a while now?
    Very best regards

  7. also thinking about this trip with hubby we are fed up in the rat race both in our fifties and feel time is running short. we’ll follow with interest your route etc good luck and keep up the good work with the blog its very inspirational.
    is it also possible to let people know your aprox living costs per day? i think food and beer is a bit more expensive than we thought at the moment in europe?

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