Ingram valley

I know this is my cycling blog but as it’s the middle of winter and I’m going for lots of walks i thought i would share some walks with you .
Today I set off to Ingram valley in Northumberland.
The weather was cold , very windy , and occasional showers. The first part of the day was spent walking to Linhope spout , a waterfall which due to the fact we’ve had lots of rain lately was in full flow.


The walk was only 3 miles round trip so I then headed to one of my favourite parts of the valley , Brough Law where I walked up to the old fort settlement , the wind was really strong , there was no one around , I found a sheltered place amongst the ruins , had a cup of coffee and took the following pics , after 1 hr sitting sheltered watching the changing weather , the amazing views , I headed back down .
Another great day out walking in beautiful Northumberland .
Tomorrow I’m planning on doing a coastal walk .







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