Easy day!!

After saying yesterday that I would have an easy day, how wrong I was.
My plan started well. After spending the night camping next to a young family from Durham , I had a nice breakfast of crossiants x2 with jam and made two big mugs of coffee. I left at 11.am my latest start for a nice ride to Amsterdam.
The weather was cloudy but warm, that soon changed. The heavens opened and it’s rained very hard all day , that along with a strong headwind was not what I wanted .
I got to Amsterdam and decided that it was not fun to look around in the torrential rain so took one picture then left.

I was going to camp north of Amsterdam but got lost in the rain , saw a sign for Haarlem which I knew was near Ijmuiden for the ferry tomorrow so headed for it.
After stopping under a bridge to strip down to my pants and put some dry clothes on

I cycled on in the torrential rain

There was NO WAY I was camping tonight that I was certian of. Then on one of the direction notice boards I saw a Stay ok hostel marked in Haarlem so as a member of the youth hostel I used my card to get my own room for €23 .
All day I’ve cycled in this .

When I was checking in their were puddles on the floor around me from all the rain dripping off me !
I’m now showered , dry, warm and on my 4th coffee .
It certainly was not the day I planned but like most of this adventure it’s worked out just fine.
Ferry tomorrow .
I’ve made the decision to honour commitments I have made back home as my first priority , then Its one of two directions my life will go in . I’m not sure which one yet , Time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Easy day!!

  1. Sorry about all the rain which originally came from us to you across the North Sea. Safe trip home and thanks for allowing us to follow your highs & lows, but always interesting blog. The people you’ve met and befriended on your journey, the places you’ve stayed, got lost in, high energy diet. I think the most humerous was the old lady on the bike who tried to knock you off. What a story to tell !!!!!
    Don & Jean

  2. Oh , I know that feeling when the water pools around your ankles. I really haven’t found anything that really keeps you dry when the rain is belting down and you are cycling hard. Good luck with the crossing and ride home. All the best for your future. Hope you keep blogging.

  3. Dear Alex,
    The weather is terrible also for the Dutch people. i have enjoy of your story`s with humor.and the pictures you makes. You are so gentle en you like people en people like you. There are not so much people like you.and people with so strong (small??!!) body. Take the time to make your decision end follow your heart. The words of wise 60 lady. Haha..laughing.
    Welkom home

  4. We are loving that you described us as ‘young’! What a miserable day it was yesterday.

    We enjoyed meeting you and hope you have a safe trip home.
    Suzy, Chris and Ella

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