After staying with the wonderful Toos and her fantastic kindness in Horst I set off accompanied by Toos for 28 km , 5 km in the wrong direction because we were talking and I missed the sign!
Thank you Toos for your friendship.
Not long after setting off I was in America !
The weather was not good , strong headwind along with frequent showers and when they arrived they were very heavy.
I cycled best part of the day as the ferry is now booked and I have to be in Amsterdam on Tue morn.
I camped at Kasteren, but the tent site was waterlogged so not very nice!
In the morning I quickly packed up and for the first time put the tent away soaking wet.
All day I’ve followed the LF7b (north) towards Utrecht , but passing some wonderful scenery. As today is Sunday everywhere is closed , but I stopped for a wonderful lunch at Hei -en Boeicop 20120715-200349.jpg
All day as I’ve cycled I’ve been starting to reflect on the last 8 weeks . From leaving home to date , I have had some amazing times, some crazy events have unfolded which you could never of planned , met some fantastic people along the way ,seen some amazing sights , had some very high points ,and some very low moments as well . I want to do an evaluation blog of the trip once I’m back home staying with my parents until I decide my future.
Having being through Utrecht twice I decided to bypass the city centre and follow the signs to the west for the outskirts of the city, this proved a good move as it was very quiet and easy to follow . I’ve passed some spectacular houses on the river side at Breukelen so very pretty , so very expensive !

I had a feeling the choice of two campsites in the area would be expensive and so it proved. I’ve reluctantly paid €16 for a bit of grass and a hot shower, whereas most of the other sites I’ve stayed on have been anything from € 5 for one of the best at Armhem to the average of € 10 . The site is very very nice at Mijnden on the lake shore but it caters more for caravans , passing boats and motor homes than cyclists! It even has a supermarket not a little shop!.
I’m only 40 km from Amsterdam so an easy morning is planned with fresh croissants and jam , fresh coffee then a steady ride to a campsite near Amsterdam for my last night before the ferry on Tuesday at 5pm from Ijmuiden back to Newcastle on Wed morn!!
It’s nearly over !


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