Arnhem to Berlin R1

After the great news of winning the Solar charger this morning, came the sad news that an old friend has gone missing.  (See post below)**

**Cameron has now made contact with his family. Enough said, so I have deleted the post

I’ve spent the afternoon breaking down my route, R1 from Arnhem to Berlin a total of approx 950km (595 miles)  I’ve worked out camping sites along the route  and  still have hosts to arrange for in Berlin, Any offers couchsurfers !!

By my way of planning, which is getting better!!  I’ve worked out it will take 16 days at an average of 59 km per day. Dont forget I’m not in a hurry, just out to enjoy this trip.

The more time I spend looking at maps, the clearer it becomes , I’ve noticed I’m taking notice of contours,Steep hills, tight turns , waypoints, things to see,  alternative routes, campsites, etc. The route is all on very quiet tracks, roads, cyclepaths, and only small stretches of main/minor roads.. I actually cross over at  Nienburg my next route, The River Saale Cycle Route, but as I want to see Berlin, I will press on and after Berlin head back in that direction to begin the Saale route.

I feel as if today I’ve achieved another huge tick in the box, so that’s a good feeling, along with the prize of the Solar charger , which will keep my Phone charged, Sat nav when I need it , but I want to use the maps,(old-fashioned) and my other assorted small gadgets.

I only hope now that Cameron makes a quick reappearance for his family’s sake.


Great News

One of the sites I use a lot of the time for my research is  travelling two . They have been running a competition to win a solar charger to power your gadgets while on the road so  I entered. I’ve been lucky enough to win  with approximately 200 entries .  Now I can’t remember the last time I won an argument  ;), never mind a competition so that is FANTASTIC NEWS and a great start to my week.  Thank you Travelling two.

Why “Geordieonabike” ?

When I originally started this blog I did not realise that I would get so many visitors reading it  from outside the North Of England  area, let alone the UK.  As stated in a recent post, the site is receiving visitors from all over the world!.

Someone asked me why “Geordie” thinking maybe it was a nickname. So for the purpose of clarification,  the   reason(s) are as follows:

Why Geordie on a bike!  Well I’m from Newcastle upon Tyne and people from the region are known as “Geordies”! The name Geordie has a few different origins  depending on what you read, but I believe  people from Newcastle are called” Geordies” because of their allegiance to King George II, during the Jacobite Rebellion.(1745) The city of Newcastle closed  their gates to the Jacobites and wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

Or you could go for the alternative which is that the name originates from George Stephenson who in 1815 invented the miners safety lamp following a huge explosion at a local mine.  Other miners in the country used the Sir Humphrey Davy lamp , but the miners form the North  East prefered the George (Geordie lamp) and so the name for people from the Newcastle area stuck.!

I prefer the first option.Either way I’m proud of my Northern Routes.

The bike part is pretty obvious!  and as my bike is a” Giant”  Ive  nicknamed it George!



Today and R1

Funny old day today!.  I’ve was out with friends last night and once we left the pub decided to go for a curry.  Good choice, as I love a curry.!  bad choice was drinking sambookas  while waiting for our table !!  mixed with several pints  , a chicken and lamb sag, portion of chips, mushroom pelaw, and a peshwari Nan.  plus a late night , so only 4 hrs sleep as woke at 6 am again !  , result  , a self-inflicted hangover.  Got up  seen to the dog , and then made a cup of tea, the first of several.

Choice was:

A) go  back to bed

B)  Go for a ride. ,

Choice” B” won.   So once I had walked across to the shops with my elderly dad,  I made a quick change and off  I set. Now the wind was blowing from the North, so the brain said head West, Sidewind there and back, (East is into the North sea and ‘Ive not mastered riding on water  yet!! 🙂 anyone friends with Moses!  Felt pretty crap been honest, but once the high energy sachet kicked in and  I had consumed half my drink bottle , we were back in the groove.

I ended up a Bolam lake, a great place, not much there apart from a lake! but so nice, great childhood memories spent there with my parents and sister. One cup of strong coffee , one scone with jam and butter, a bottle of juice consumed, A nice chat with two fellow cyclists, I was on my  way again, setting off to Morpeth. then back home  total of  35 miles (53km)  A really nice ride on quite back roads.

Tonight Im sat at the table (again)  looking at maps. tonight’s choice is   wait for it  !! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Europa Radweg R1 , published by Bikeline.  (Hurrah I here you say :))  combining that with my  ANWB Fietsatlas (Netherlands) I’ve been checking the route from Arnhem (Netherlands) to  Munster (Germany) It looks a pretty cool ride with lots to see, plenty of campsites,  towns, and the all important tourist information places.  I think I’ve made some good choices in these maps as the scale is   1:75.000 AND 1 : 100.000  so in a nutshell very detailed.

Its 31 days to departure , Ive done a lot of thinking while out on the ride today about things, and I think it’s slowly coming together now, well some of it! . Most of my life I’ve winged it  so that’s probably what I will do on this trip as well once I’m underway. But it could be fun !!

Right Alex, back to the maps.

Geordieonabike scarf

Look what I’ve found in the cupboard tonight . My dads old NUFC (Newcastle United Football Club) car scarf complete with suction cups . Now how could I resist not sticking it on “George”
Now he also is a proper Geordie .
Also love the way the camera flash illuminates the reflective strip in the mudguards , if a vehicles headlights don’t see that plus the four lights I’ve got , then they should not be on the road !!



A big part of my love of cycling comes from my Dad.
When I was 10 he took me to the west coast of Scotland and we cycled back over 6 days. My dad is now 80yrs old and his health is not the best, more memory than physical. While out this morning with dad I found the perfect solution to the problem , how can dad come with me!
The answer is below , but charging it could be a problem . Weve all had a good laugh at this. Sorry dad your stopping at home ;))



Ive just logged into the Stats page for my web site, Its amazing  where people are  reading  this.  The most popular page  is always the “Post page”, followed by the “Bike”. Also amazing is what people click onto in the links or search engines traffic directed at or from the site,  Some of it really makes me laugh. Today’s readers so far,

Uk- 53

Australia- 6

USA -5

France- 5

Spain 3


Making a total  of 73 so far.

I have no problem with anyone reading my blog, after all if I am prepared to write it ,I hope someone would take the time to read it. Thanks.

Enjoy ,